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This also has the added benefit of not selecting all text when the user wants to drag select just a portion of the text in the textarea. The original solution selects all text, all the time, which can be frustrating for users that only want to select some of the text. A textarea is an element on a webpage that you can type into. These are commonly used as commenting areas, contact forms or address entry areas. All.

CSS - Select, Input And Textarea Width - Free CSS Tutorials, Help, Tips, Tricks, and More. CSS 3 has a new property for UI elements that will allow you to do this. The property is the resize property. So you would add the following to your stylesheet to disable resizing of all textarea elements.

CSS. Elements must be laid out with pixel perfection. This can be tricky, as many browsers have very subtle differences that normally aren’t worth caring about, but are very noticeable in this case. For example, Firefox adds a single pixel of margin to the top and bottom of a